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Meet Angela

Honest Leadership. Real Freedom.

Hey Ya'll, my name is Angela. I am a 31 year old mother, military wife, small business owner, and local activist. I am a Chickamauga, GA native. I have lived here most of my life with the exception of traveling around for a few years. After being all over the US for a few years, I realized this is where I wanted to set my roots down and raise my family

I have been active in my community for several years. Whether it is working with my community to come to solutions about issues they are facing or being their voice when our local government doesn't seem to be listening, I have worked hard to make sure the folks around me are heard and that our local government is working for them This is where I first became involved in politics. At first, I was just simply an active citizen. Over the years, I have evolved into being an activist both at a local and state level. Throughout these years, I have made numerous connections that have allowed me to work with leaders across the communities to help get things done. More importantly though, I have helped connect many of our elected officials with the people so that their concerns are heard. 

I have always taken great pride in making sure that people knew exactly who I was and what I stood for. While that may have evolved and changed over the years, I have always been clear. I feel that this is the way that all our elected officials should be. We have an obligation to be honest, upfront and clear with the people that we hope to represent and that is exactly what I plan to bring to the table. I was always taught that you have nothing if you don't have your word. I intend to always be true to my word, whether it is popular or not. You will always know what you're getting with me. 


I decided to enter this race because I do not feel that our current representative truly represents our district. I do not feel that she has been honest and transparent with the people here. Instead, I feel that she has led with a narrative of lies and self gain. She has an agenda that is dangerous and divisive. I do not want my children to grow up in the America that she is trying to create. I want them to grow up in an America where individual rights, equality and freedom are cherished and respected. Can I count on you to help me work towards that future together? 

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